Golf swing tips - 2: How to cure a hook

Can't get rid of that unwanted hook? Then check out our simple fixes for a better ball flight

Golf swing tips - 2: How to cure a hook

This is the second article in our ten of the best golf swing tips for beginners series.

For a right-hander, the hook is a shot that starts straight or right and then curves left of the target (Fig.1).

Any golfer can get into bad swing habits but as long as you know the basics at set up there should never be too many issues, so here are my five top tips for curing the hook shot...

1. Clubface square to the target

It's probably the most obvious, but if your clubface is aiming left of the target then inevitably you'll put left spin on the ball at impact, causing a hook. So spend a little more time at address checking the clubface position.

2. Correct 'V' shape grip

It's essential to have the correct 'V' shape grip, where your bottom hand's index finger and thumb are creating a 'V' pointing down the shaft (right-hand image of Fig.2). Make sure you don't turn your wrists over at address (left-hand image of Fig.2) or impact. This would make you more prone to hooking the ball.

3. Ball forward in stance

Having the ball too far back in your stance would cause you to make contact with the ball when the swing path of your club is going from in to out, which could putting left hook spin on the ball. The ball position for a driver should be just inside left foot (right-hand image of Fig.2).

4. Body and shoulders aiming right

If the clubface is square to the target and your body and shoulders are aiming right at address then this will in turn cause an in-to-out swing path and put hook spin on the ball. Get your playing partner to help you square up.

5. You may have an in-to-out swing

There are many golfers that naturally have an in-to-out swing path, so if that's the case with you then set up correctly using the first four steps and then you'll have to understand to what extent you naturally draw the ball. Go to the range to gauge how many yards you have to work with.

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