Golf swing tips - 9: How to hit a draw

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Golf swing tips - 9: How to hit a draw

This is the ninth article in our ten of the best golf swing tips for beginners series.

The draw is a shot that starts right and then curves back in towards the target (Fig.1).

It's always a handy tool to have in your locker, whether you're trying to navigate through a tight fairway or playing shots against the wind, so here are five tips to get you on your way...

1. Clubface square at address

For both the fade and draw shot if you aim your body offline and change your swing path then having the clubface square to the target is vital to avoid a slice or hook. It's an easy thing to get wrong so be thorough at set up.

2. Loose left hand to turn wrists over

Having a looser left hand will allow your right hand to rotate anti-clockwise at impact which in-turn creates right-to-left spin on the ball for a draw shot. This may feel awkward at first so just swing a club without a ball to get used to it.

3. Body aiming right of target

Depending on how much you want to draw the ball, your body will always need to be aiming at least slightly right of the target (Fig.2), but remember this only creates a draw with a square clubface other you may find yourself pushing it right or hooking it left.

4. Have an in-to-out swing path

Having your body set up aiming right of the target will help automatically force you into having a more in-to-out swing path, where your club comes from inside the line of the ball and then hits across it. However, you may be prone to an in-to-out swing path so get on the range to try and exaggerate an out-to-in motion.

5. Right hand comes over left-hand

If nothing else, bring your right hand over your left (Fig.3) at impact which will help the clubface turn over the ball and generate right-to-left spin. Having a loose left hand (as shown in step 2) helps the process.

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