Golf swing tips - 8: How to hit a fade

Want to know how to shape your ball? Then check out our simple tips on hitting a fade

Golf swing tips - 8: How to hit a fade

This is the eighth article in our ten of the best golf swing tips for beginners series.

For a right-hander, the fade is a shot that starts left and finishes straight on the target line (Fig.1).

More often than not, unless you're a very accurate hitter, you'll be faced with a shot that requires you to bend the ball around an obstacle or even just to nullify strong winds, so here are five quick tips for a consistent fade...

1. Clubface square to the target

One of the causes of a slice shot is having an open clubface at impact but for a fade, which has a similar ball flight, you need to keep the clubface square to the target so it stays on line. Make sure at set up the clubface is not open or closed.

2. Hold club extra tight with left hand

You may be turning your wrists anti-clockwise too much during your swing which is commonly known as a weak grip. So firm up the grip of your bottom three left fingers and this should prevent your hands turning over too much.

3. Aim body left of target

It's essential to aim your body left of the target line (Fig.2) as this forces you to create an out-to-in swing path, which is vital for the fade shot. If you're prone too aiming to square or right then get a playing partner to help you out.

4. Have an out-to-in swing path

Even if you've looked at step 3 and you're aiming your body left you may still be hitting the ball dead straight, it depends on the player. One of the most creative golfers on Tour, Bubba Watson, has an open stance for every swing but can still hit snap hooks. For a fade the stance helps but it's very important to learn how to swing the club from outside the target line then across the ball (Fig.2) to get the required right-hand spin for a fade shot.

5. Right hand coming underneath hard

If on the downswing you imagine trying to hit the 2 o'clock position on the golf ball then at impact you should feel your right-hand coming underneath the left. This should mean you're coming from outside the target line to inside.

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