How to play links golf: five top tips

Want to play Muirfield like the pros? Here are our five top tips to tackle any links course

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Wed, 17 Jul 2013
How to play links golf: five top tips

If you think you're ready to tackle a links course then think again. Up until this year's US Open, Tiger Woods' worst professional round was played on a links course in the year that 2002 champions Ernie Els came out on top.

So if you're intending to play on debatably the toughest style of golf course on the planet then look no further than our five top tips from each area of the game.

1. Putting: The monster putt

The greens on Links courses are monsters due to their sheer size, speed, and varying undulations. So if you're failing to avoid the dreaded three putt then get on our monster putt instructional article to change your fortunes.

2. Short Game: 50 yard pitch from deep rough

Muirfield and most links courses have some of the deepest and most penalising rough imaginable. We know even the professionals struggle with this shot so check out our top tips to avoid a bogey or worse.

3. Bunker play: 30-40 yard bunker shot

Bunkers are prominent across any links course; dangerous off the tee and there to trap you on the approach. Getting a 30 yard bunker shot can be a treacherous affair so we've got a PGA coach involved to help you out.

4. Iron play: Drawing an iron

Crosswinds on links courses can be hard to deal with if you're unable to shape shots. Being able to draw or fade  a ball is vital to seek the tight pins and avoid the imposing bunkers, so check out our tips for the shot.

5. Driving: Driving into the wind

Inevitably you will come across a long par 4 or 5 that requires a great drive into the wind. The gusts will add spin to your ball, creating unwanted loft, hook, or slice so we have an instructional article revealing our secrets.

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