Robert Karlsson golf tips: No.1

Importance of alignment

Robert Karlsson golf tips: No.1

Robert Karlsson made a great start to 2010 by winning the Qatar Masters in January after suffering a debilitating eye problem in 2009, following a 2008 in which he became the first Swede to be Europe's No.1 and won the World Cup with Henrik Stenson. His work with Swedish mind coach, Annchristine Lundström, has helped him re-discover his form. The son of a greenkeeper, he hails from Katrineholm in Sweden but is now resident in Monaco.

Golfmagic caught up with him at St Ives Golf Club in Huntingdonshire (just hours after finishing 16th in the US PGA ) and where he opened the new clubhouse and the Titleist fitting centre. In this first of a short series he stresses...

The importance of alignment

One of the most important parts of my warm-up is to ensure my alignment is correct. And like most pros on Tour, I carry two rods about a metre long. I'm sure you've seen them sticking out of most players' bags when they are on the course.

We always use these - placed parallel about two clubhead widths apart on the driving range at tournaments and Gareth Lord, my caddie, will stand behind me to check my alignment in relation to my target.

It's very important to help me make sure that my toes and shoulders are parallel are at right angles to the target.

These practice aids will also help to identify that the divots I'm taking are showing that the clubhead is coming in square to the ball. I would recommend that every player uses these alignment sticks to practice.

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