Something for the Weekend: Hit Tiger

The second in our new Friday tips service comes courtesy of Woods

Fri, 17 Sep 2010
Something for the Weekend: Hit Tiger

In the second of our regular Friday series in which we give you a tip to think about - and to try - before you play your regular game with your pals this weekend, here's one from World No.1 Tiger Woods. 

Stinger off the tee

When the wind threatens to get up, controlling trajectory is a key part of the game.

Says the 18-time major champion: “I like hitting knockdown shots because that’s the way the game was played in the old days to combat windy conditions. 

“One of my coolest shots is the Stinger with a fairway wood and it’s great to control a tee shot that bores into the wind.

 “I can hit it with the driver as well, using the same technique. It flies low and runs out there nicely.”

Woods says he slightly narrows his stance in his set-up but uses his standard ball position, just inside his left heel for both driver and fairway wood.

“My swing thought is to keep my hands leading the club past impact by ‘softening’ my elbows. I take a little divot when I hit this shot with a fairway wood off the turf or a very low tee.

 “The release point determines the shot shape and I like to hit a little draw with the Stinger, releasing the club naturally. If I want to play a low cut, I hold off the release a fraction of a second through impact.”

Sounds simple when Tiger describes it but probably needs a little practice on the range first, so make sure you get up early to try it.

Good luck!

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