Golf Practice Drills: putting distance control

If you want to get consistent on your long putts, use these top two distance control drills from PGA professional Matthew Johns

Golf Practice Drills: putting distance control

1. Rest the ball by the tee peg

The putting distances drill is our fourth putting practice drill in the Putting Practice Drills series.

Long putts really can be a hassle if you don't practise them so here PGA coach Matthew Johns has let us in on a couple of drills that will help you avoid the dreaded three-putt.

Place five or six balls along the line of a long putt, then one by one tee them up and attempt to rest the ball you're playing at the base of each of the tee pegs.

Once you can consistently get within a foot then target the tee pegs at random to simulate being out on the course with varying lengths of putts.

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