Golf Practice Drills: putting direction

Need a consistent line on your putts? PGA professional Matthew Johns lets us in on his three top directional drills

Golf Practice Drills: putting direction

1. Use a putting mirror

The putting direction drill is our third putting practice drill in the Putting Practice Drills series.

Being able to hit a consistent straight putt is crucial when on the greens but what's the best way to practice directing your putts?

PGA coach Matthew Johns shows us how to use a putting mirror, as seen above, to help swing your putter through straight.

The lines on the mirror help you line up the heel and toe of the putter to the centre of the ball, as well as showing you shoulder alignment while at address.

So in practice, hit up to ten putts from about 10-15 feet on a straight putt, then try it without the mirror. Your posture as well as directional judgement should improve.

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