Instructional: Golf's Toughest Putts

Want to be able to tackle golf's toughest putts? Then check out our index of instructional articles to make them more manageable

Instructional: Golf's Toughest Putts

We've spoken to PGA professionals and researched coaching manuals to come up with an instructional series giving you tips on how to avoid the dreaded three-putt and make par.

Many amateurs tend to forget that putting has an integral part of our game so when you face those tough shots on the green, how do you play them?

For tips, check out our top putting guides to the...

1. Chip or putt off the green?

2. Fringe putt - top ten tips
Fringe putt (video)

3.Downhill breaking putt 
Downhill left-to-right putt

4. Monster putt

5. Short breaking putt

And make sure you take a look at the... 

Toughest Shots in Golf index

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