Toughest Golf Shots: fringe putt top ten tips

You're wedged up against the second-cut or rough just off the green, what are your options?

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Tue, 4 Jun 2013
Toughest Golf Shots: fringe putt top ten tips

The fringe putt top ten tips is our second putting article in the Golf's Toughest Putts series.

It's that common shot when you think you've just found the back of the green but in actual fact your ball's rolled right up against the second cut.

The tricky fringe shot can make even the best professionals look amateur especially as there's no one way to go about the shot; it's completely up to the golfer.

In our fringe putt video tutorial Jamie Gylan has showed us how to use the toe of the putter and the thinned wedge technique but here are two other ways to get around the problem.

The putter face

1. De-loft the clubface: move handle forward, taking practice swings until this feels comfortable.
2. Steeper swing path: sweep back avoiding the grass and forward contacting the ball first.
3. Position ball by rear foot: the grip of the putter should be positioned in the middle of your body.
4. Rythmical stroke: keep wrists firm, using shoulders as with a putting stroke. 
5. Don't consciously hit it: let the club do the work as it will still pop into the air without a push.

Former Tiger Woods coach Hank Haney said: "You hit this shot just as though you were putting, you grip down on the club so you're all the way down to the shaft, and stand close to the ball."

The 3 wood

1. Make sure you're at least 20 feet away from the pin; 3 woods are used mainly for distance not control.
2. Grip the club all the way down, almost touching the metal section of the shaft.
3. Position the ball just forward of your right toe, similar to a short chip.
4. Take it back low. The backswing should be low along the top of the grass.
5. Again, don't consciously hit it, let the thin face of the 3 wood release the ball, let the club do the work.

Academy of Golf Dynamics instructor Thor Lokey said: "Get the ball back in your stance so you hit it on the down stroke with your hands forward to pop down on the back of it."

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