Your putting grip of the future?

Have you tried this unusual grip?

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Fri, 12 Apr 2013
Your putting grip of the future?

There are a number of grips used by tour professionals, but Chris DiMarco gave birth to one of the most extraordinary. 

Will it catch on with the average weekend golfer? It’s certainly worth a try.

Says Di Marco: "I tried every grip, just like all of us when we struggle with our putting. This the one I settled on because it worked best. I’ve actually been putting like this for six years, it’s just taken a while for people to notice.

"It’s like a long-putter grip with a short putter – it effectively takes my right hand out of the stroke, merely supporting the putter lightly as it swings through. I’m actually just putting with my left hand."

He says the style makes the putter stay lower to the ground, allowing the clubhead to go straight back and straight through more consistently.

"As a result the ball rolls much better than it did before. That’s what we’re looking for, a good roll, consistently week after week. That’s what this stroke gives me."

I’ve tried it and for short putts it certainly gets the ball rolling, but it’s tougher to control from longer range, even though I am naturally left-handed and play the game right-handed.

I’ll stick with my left-below-right grip but if you have putting problems, it’s worth experimenting with 'the claw.'

Do you have an unusual putting grip that works? Or will you be trying the Di Marco style to end your putting woes? Tell us on The Forum.

Article first published January 2002, updated April 2013.