3 simple tips to start nailing your long irons

The Belfry's Senior PGA professional provides his top tips for longer irons. 

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Phil Akers
Mon, 20 May 2019


Strike is one of the biggest things to work on when it comes to long irons. 

People unfortunately try and think that because they don't see a lot of loft on the club face, they get it mixed up and try and think their job is to try and get the ball up in the air with a long iron.

But it's not, your job as a golfer is to make the ball go forward. It's the loft on the golf club's job to make it go upwards. When you get those jobs mixed up that's when we start to see golfers get into a bit of pickle and we'll see them often try and scoop the ball up in the air which negatively affects their strike. 

Your job is to make the ball go forward. If you can do that, you will start to find that your low point of the swing is round about where the ball is or slightly after it.

When you try and scoop it up, we often find people bottom out of it before they make contact with the ball and that's where you'll see a strike issue with the long iron.



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