Brandel Chamblee: Golf instruction has "got bitch-slapped by reality"

Chamblee tells Golfweek that YouTube and social media has had a big effect on the game. 

Brandel Chamblee: Golf instruction has

Brandel Chamblee has told Golfweek that golf instruction has "got bitch-slapped by reality" because of YouTube and social media. 

Chamblee was first quizzed by Golfweek as to whether or not PGA Tour winner Matt Wolff's swing is going to be "sustainable" through the years, to which he responded with a comparision to late 11-time PGA Tour winner Miller Barber, who won 24 times on the Senior Tour.

The outspoken golf commentator then also addressed how golf launch monitors such as Trackman have dramatically changed how golf instruction is delivered today. 




"Miller Barber probably would have been a lesser player [had he used Trackman today]," said Chamblee.

"I mean it’s absolutely a fact that Trackman helps you dial in your golf club equipment. It’s an absolute fact, no question about it. It’s good for that. It’s not obvious that it’s good for the game. It’s not obvious that it makes you a better player.

"Does it help you dial in your equipment? Your yardages? Yes, it’s more convenient than laying golf bags out there 50 and 75 yards and hitting those targets.

"But it’s not obvious that Trackman makes you a better player in terms of your golf swing. Miller Barber had he had instruction perhaps earlier somebody would have said to him, ‘Look, you got to set your wrist earlier on the back swing.’ Why? ‘I don’t know, because I think it looks better.’

"But now today Miller Barber would go, ‘Well, hold on a second, why would you want me to set my wrist earlier own the back swing? Because right here on YouTube I can see that Ben Hogan didn’t do that and I see that Jack Nicklaus didn’t do that and Tiger Woods didn’t do that and I can see that Greg Norman didn’t do that. So why do you want me to set my wrists earlier on the back swing?’ Because nobody did that.

"The teachers are being exposed for their idiocy, but I stood on the range with a prominent teacher who had acolytes all around him who then went out and those acolytes talk with acolytes and then they completely spread this flawed philosophy through all of teaching and all teachers stuck to that ideal, and all teachers taught flawed philosophies and these philosophies finally got bitch-slapped by reality. YouTube, there it is, you’re wrong, they’re right.

"Before that who had video of all these people? You had to really, really be a student of the game. And then even if you were you still had the periodicals that would post stories and you’d go to the airport and go to the grocery store and there they are touting that this is how you swing a golf club and you say, ‘Well, I guess I’m an idiot because here are these guys on front pages of magazines telling me that I need to set my wrists and swing flat and keep the club in front of me and stay balanced and have a compacted golf swing for more consistency.’

"These are all packaged lies. They didn’t have malicious intent, but they just weren’t vetted out. Now those ideas get vetted out by social media. It’s peer review. Put those out there, the whole world goes to their computers and says, Wait a minute."


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