YouTube star makes mini golf course in his back garden

Content creator James Robinson is making the most of the coronavirus lockdown, after he made two golf holes in his back garden.

YouTube star makes mini golf course in his back garden
YouTube star makes mini golf course in his back garden

The coronavirus lockdown is now in full swing and with golf courses around the UK forced to shut to comply to the latest government rules, it's difficult to make a full swing of your own. Golf content creator James Robinson has just under 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and he continues to grow week in week out, but due to the current pandemic, he's not able to create any videos out on the golf course.

In order to keep his channel going and growing, Robinson decided to get creative by converting his back garden into a miniature golf course. Check out his garden transformation in the video below.

It's important to stay active during the current lockdown in the UK and make sure you're still getting daily exercise and escaping from your home once a day.

Golf was a fantastic way for people to exercise and stay healthy, but after the Prime Minister's latest statement, England Golf asked all golf clubs to shut down.

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The decision to close all golf clubs sparked a mass debate on Twitter, with many people questioning why jogging alone or in a pair is any different to playing golf.

Before courses around the UK closed, golf clubs had enforced temporary rules to stop the spread of germs, such as removing rakes and asking players not to touch flags.

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Of course there are things you can do at home to work on your golf game that don't require digging holes in your back garden, so do what you can, stay active and stay home!

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