Brooks Koepka: Butch Harmon sorted me out "in four swings"

Brooks pays a visit to Butch ahead of The Players...

Brooks Koepka: Butch Harmon sorted me out

Brooks Koepka has revealed he spent Monday afternoon with Butch Harmon, and that Tiger Woods' former golf instructor saw his flaws within the space of "four swings."

Koepka, speaking to the media ahead of this week's Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass, explained he was given the backing by his current coach Claude Harmon to fly out and visit his father and get him to take a look at his golf swing.

Brooks Koepka: Butch Harmon sorted me out in four swings

The four-time major champion recently lost his World No.1 status to Rory McIlroy after an indifferent run of form that has seen him make just one top-20 finish in his last six starts around the world. 

"I made a phone call to Claude, and it's one of those things I felt like I had so much going on in my head, so many swing thoughts and needed to clear the slate," said Koepka, who has now fallen back to World No.3 behind McIlroy and Jon Rahm. 

"The Harmons are family to me, so we flew out on Sunday, went and saw Butch Monday and got in Tuesday afternoon.

"Butch has seen me swing it a million times. I've seen him at Floridian a million times and he's stood there when I'm hitting balls with Claude and he's stood there at the Ryder Cup.

"It's one of those things where I just needed a different set of eyes, maybe something might click, because I was failing."

Brooks Koepka: Butch Harmon sorted me out in four swings

Koepka admitted his recent on-course struggles had been a result of simple poor swing fundamentals. 

"I just couldn't match everything everybody was telling me to do," said Koepka.

"You go through feelings where sometimes they say release the club or hold it off, whatever it might be, and it's fairly simple but right now for whatever reason it just felt difficult, I couldn't do it.

"That's me being aware of where the club face is or being aware where my path is, where I'm set up, different things like that, but that's all on me."

But following a quick de-tour to see Woods' former golf coach, Koepka admits Butch saw what needed amending within minutes. 

"What Butch said, I mean he saw it in four swings," said Koepka.

He added: "Butch felt like everything was on the right track and now it's our job to make sure that it progresses and it progresses nicely with Claude."

Brooks Koepka: Butch Harmon sorted me out in four swings

As for his knee injury, which he had surgery for during the off-season, Koepka reiterated he is good to go. 

"My knee is fine," he said. "My knee is exactly where it should be. It's just a matter of execution, taking care of what I need to take care of.

"It has nothing to do with my knee. It's all me not being able to do what Claude's told me to. That's me, whether it's a lack of concentration, focus, decisiveness, whatever it might be, that's all on my shoulders, it has nothing to do with anyone else."

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