Driver-through-the-legs trick shot goes HORRIBLY wrong!

This lad was left with an extremely sore leg after trusting his friend to hit a driver in between his legs.

Driver-through-the-legs trick shot goes HORRIBLY wrong!
Driver-through-the-legs trick shot goes HORRIBLY wrong!

This video will make you cringe! The through-the-legs golf shot is a risky shot to try, especially if you're not a trick shot expert or at least a very solid golfer and this unlucky lad was on the receiving end of a drive straight into his shin...

We love watching trick shots here at GolfMagic and we are often sent some extremely impressive ones that we then share on our social page, but unfortunately for this golfer, this trick shot is being shared for all the wrong reasons.

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The lad behind the camera finds it hilarious and it probably was to witness in person, but this must have been seriousl painful!


"I watched this and a tear shot out of my eye. OUCH!" said one golf fan in the comments.

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"That looked like a nice push draw!" joked another.

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