Social media reacts to dad holding son UPSIDE DOWN to collect golf balls

This golf-loving dad has used his son as a golf ball retriever and social media is absolutely loving it.

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Mon, 30 Nov 2020

A video has gone viral of a man using his small son as a golf ball retriever, by holding him upside down by his ankles as the boy picks out any balls he can find from the water.

The video was posted on the Golfersdoingthings Instagram page and it didn't take long for thousands of golf fans to see it.


In a few years time the little lad will have grown too big for this golf-loving dad to dangle upside down, so it seems he's getting as much use out of him while he can and who can blame him when the price of golf balls always seems to be on the rise.

"Don’t do that on a Florida course," warned one golf fan, due to the alligators that can be found on the golf courses in Florida.

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"Start selling them and you can write your kid off as a depreciating asset," joked another golf fan.

"Earn your stripes kid."

"That's how you use them!"

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