Benross Golf launches Senior and women's ranges

Gold and Jewel drivers, fairway metals, hybrids and chippers

Bob Warters
Thu, 9 Jul 2009
Benross Golf launches Senior and women's ranges

Seniors golf clubs
Benross Gold driver and iron

Benross has launched a new range of Gold and Jewel clubs aimed at Senior golfers and women, respectively, both with their own distinctive lightweight shafts.

The Benross Seniors Gold range features two driver options (12 and 14 degrees, left and right handed versions), with a traditionally-shaped wide, 460cc offset head. The clubs are priced at £99.99.

There are two fairway metals (18 and 21), priced at 69.99 and three hybrids (20,23 and 26) with a suggested price of £59.99 - both in right-hand only.

A right-handed Benross Gold chipper with a 37-degree (7-iron) loft and a price tag of £39.99, completes the package.

Irons are a crucial part of the new launch. The Benross Gold clubs are available in sets from 5-iron to sand wedge, priced at £299.99 in either left or right-handed models.

Benross senior clubs
Benross Jewel driver and iron

They feature a deep undercut cavity back oversize head with a wide, forgiving sole, toe and heel stability weighting and Golf Pride Tour grip.

Benross Jewel clubs for women have specially-created lightweight shafts with more flex to help get the ball airborne. They too are available in driver, fairway metal, hybrid and chipper options at similar prices to the Gold range. However, the irons cost £269.99 for seven clubs (5-SW).

Commented a Benross Golf spokesman: "The idea behind the range has been to create a ladies and seniors range specifically aimed at these target audiences, instead of simply taking a men's model, head painting it a different colour, using an A or L flex shafts and re-naming it.

"We have concentrated on every possible feature of each range to make maximum benefit of women's and senior golfer's game. Wider soles and extreme toe and heel weighting make the irons more forgiving, the offset drivers help square the face at impact and our own specific Seniors and Ladies shafts promote a high launch angle. The addition of a chipper also gives every possible scoring opportunity."

Seniors Tour legend Neil Coles, a consultant to the Benross brand, will be launching the new clubs at Silvermere on July 21.