Benross Speed drivers will suit all abilities

Rip, Hot and Max Speed drivers with different lofts and flexes

Bob Warters's picture
Thu, 4 Jul 2013

BENROSS GOLF has launched a range of drivers which it claims will deliver long, powerful and penetrating ball flights whatever your ability.

The 'Speed' range of drivers each have a different degree of face and different flex and length of shaft adapted to suit a golfer's launch and strength capabilities, and tuned to make the most of their game.

The Rip Speed driver has a 10-degree, straighter-faced loft and a large 460cc pear-shaped head suited to the hard-hiitting golfer who can shape their shots and using the 45.25inch, Rip Phenom shaft that delivers a low to mid trajectory with less spin.

The Hot Speed driver has 12 degrees of loft with a more forgiving split-dual crown and lower centre of gravity to make it more playable for the mid-handicap player, thanks also to the 44.75 inch Rep Beta shaft maximising distance.

Completing the driver line-up is the 14-degree Max Speed club powered by the 44.75 inch Rip Sigma shaft, able to deliver a Rainbow ball flight with more forgiveness from miss-hits by higher-handicap golfers.

All the new drivers are priced at £129 with three fairway woods and three hybrid models in each Speed category priced at £89 and £79 respectively.

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