Bridgestone to sue Callaway

Is a long legal battle about to follow?

Bridgestone to sue Callaway

In the fiercely contested golf equipment industry, legal wrangles over applied technologies are bound to occur. One such battle commenced yesterday (24 July), when Bridgestone Sports, parent of Bridgestone Sports U.S.A, filed a complaint against Callaway Golf Co. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Callaway Golf Ball Co.

The legal wrangle is over technology being used in the manufacture of golf balls, and in particular the new Callaway Rule 35 balls. A ball which Callaway introduced onto the golfing scene at the World golf show in Orlando in February.

After extensive testing on the Callaway balls, Bridgestone are claiming that Callaway have infringed upon a number of their U.S patents. Patents which cover various technologies relating to golf ball design, including solid golf balls. Bridgestone has asked the District Court in Atlanta to find Callaway's infringements wilful, and are seeking monetary damages compensation, and the award of attorney fees.

"Our company has invested substantial time and effort in our Research and Development program and strives to be the world's best designer and manufacturer of golf balls,” stated the president of Bridgestone Sports yesterday.

"We regret having to take action against Callaway but they left Bridgestone Sports with no choice. We must maintain the integrity of our patents," he said.

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