A load of balls!

What is the real story behind the new Nike Golf ball? Do Nike deserve all the credit? Answer...No!

Mon, 26 Jun 2000
A load of balls!

As most of us know by know, Tiger Woods used the new Nike ball to win the US open by a record 15 shots at Pebble Beach. But what people may not realise is that Nike do not make the ball, yet they are claiming all the credit for the balls success.

In fact, Bridgestone, perhaps more famous for their tyre manufacturing, provided all the technology for the new three piece Tour Accuracy range. But Nike would prefer to keep that quiet.

Bridgestone, quite rightly want to take some credit for this victory, but Nike want their cake all to themselves, shunning Bridgestone's right to the spotlight.

So we at GOLFmagic thought we had better tell you the real story surrounding Woods latest success!

Bridgestone are no strangers to Major Championship success as Nick Faldo used the Rextar Promodel to win The Open at St Andrews in 1990 and Muirfield in 1992 and the Precept Tour Double Cover to win at Augusta in 1996. And Nick Price won The Open in 1994 with the Precept Extra Spin. Precept is a Bridgestone subsidiary company and they are all Bridgestone built golf balls.

In fact, Bridgestone make over 50 of the world's leading golf balls, it is just that nobody knows, or even cares for that matter! So who do Nike think they are when they keep the manufacturer in the dark and receive all the accolades to themselves? Nothing unusual because they don’t manufacturer all of their trainers, clothing or other sports equipment, it's all done for them. Some people might call that "pimping"!!!

The irony is that Nike were just a small player in the ball market before Tiger Woods started using the Tour accuracy ball. Nike claimed only 1% of the worldwide ball market.

But now, after Bridgestone helped launch the ball, (Nike using their respected industry name to give credibility to the ball) and after the win at Pebble Beach, sales have boomed, thanks to Woods. Since playing with the ball on tour, Woods has won twice and finished second once, prompting a flood of calls to order the new ball.

In fact, Tiger could have used a range ball from your local municipal and he would have both won and improved sales, such is his worldwide following!