Caddietech X1 launches in the UK

Big on features, small in size - the ultra-compact Caddietech X1

Caddietech X1 launches in the UK

New! Caddietech X1

CADDIETECH X1, winner of the 2013 Golf Europe award for best GPS, is the ultra-compact GPS that is about to make a big splash in the UK golf market.

Weighing in at 24g and measuring just 4.1cm2, the Caddietech X1 has good claim to be one of the most compact golf GPS systems in the world, but with a host of features it doesn’t skimp on functionality.

Providing accurate distances to front centre and back of the green the Caddietech X1 can operate in either voice or screen mode with several languages available in the voice setting.

In addition, at the click of a button the unit will work out distance of the last shot, total distance walked and length of time of the round, and with an 9 hour battery life it should safely see you through two rounds of golf.

It’ll even handle whatever the weather throws at you with its water resistant properties.

With almost every European course pre-loaded onto the unit the Caddietech X1 is ready to use virtually anywhere and on the rare occasion a new course isn’t on there, a free update and download is available.

With all the features that you need in a golf GPS and a size that allows you to clip it to a belt, cap or golf bag, the Caddietech X1 stands out as one of the most functional units on the market.

When that is combined with the fantastic retail price of £149.99 the little unit with the little price starts to make a lot of sense.

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