Equipment review winners

A fascinating insight into the Golfmnagic members whose product reviews have earned a prize during August.

Equipment review winners
Equipment review winners
Pinnacle 15-ball pack.

George Murchie
(64) began his golf career while working in Pakistan in 1964 but only returned to the game three years ago at his home in Cumbria, after a hip operation.

He’s one of a handful of the latest winners of a sleeve of Titleist PTS balls, for his

user-review on Golfmagic.
He’s looking forward to trying them as he’s a regular devotee of

George revealed that he uses a Taylor-Made Tpi 25 face balanced putter and says the feel and sound of Pinnacles off the insert suits him.

"These balls cost approximately 66p each from my 15-ball pack and at that price I can afford to use the same ball all the time," says George, who plays off a 22 handicap and picked up his first club at Peshawar, Pakistan.

He says he keeps
all his cards, noting score and number of putts so he can make up graph to identify where he’s wasting shots.

"It’s interesting that always in the last 100 yards is where we waste shots. Yet we never practise the short game – preferring to wellie our drivers!"

Equipment review winners
TayorMade Tour Preferred.

Colin Shellard (28) a 7-handicapper from Newmachar near Aberdeen identified the
TaylorMade Tour preferred glove for his review and said their only weakness was that they were difficult to obtain.

"They are fantastic; ultra thin but seriously strong. I've been playing with three of these for almost 6 months (rotating them) and they are lasting better than any others.

David Valentine
(63) from East Yorkshire plays most of his golf in Sarasota, Florida during the winter months because he can use a motorised buggy. He has a set of
Mizuno MP-33 irons

which he declares ‘are the best he has ever owned.’

"Big sweet spot, lovely feel, great workability and so forgiving," he says in his review.

"They do precisely what you ask them and if your question is imprecise, they go a long way towards correcting it," he adds, giving them maximum marks for performance, quality and value. He also revealed he computerises all his scores to roughly a nine handicap.

"I'm expecting a big improvement this
year with a new Callaway ERC II stiff 10-degree driver. It has given me an extra 10 yards over the 6.5 degree Great Big Bertha quite unlike the original ERC which was a dog."

Other winners this month were Richard Thorpe

from Newton Abbot, who described the
Callaway Great Big Bertha II driver as long, straight and forgiving
and Morris Forbes who plays at Duddingston near Edinburgh. He said of the
Cleveland TA5 original irons, "they’re not the prettiest club, but I fell in love as soon as I started hitting them."

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