Essex golfer wins Nike driver in GM competition

Alistair's review chosen from total feedback on Nike 20X1 balls

Wed, 18 Apr 2012

Essex golfer Alistair Moorhouse (59) has won a Nike VR Pro Limited Edition driver chosen at random among those who reviewed the brand's latest Nike 20X1 Distance balls, packs of which were offered exclusively to Golfmagic forum members to test.

Alistair, a 21-handicapper, who plays at Braintree Golf Club near his home in Rayne, wasted little time in putting the balls into play, claiming they proved suitable options for his regular brand.

“Saturday found me on the first tee at 8am, in temperatures hitting a balmy -4C and with the ground so hard it was near impossible to set a tee peg, along with 15 other members of our regular group, all eager to see what this new ball could do.

“It was with some trepidation, therefore, that I found myself first to tee off amid cat-calls to the effect that 'if Tiger can hit them while his game is down the toilet surely you can at least get it past the ladies tee!'

“I hit it well, no slice, no hook, just straight up the fairway with an ever so slight fade. That little confidence boost was just what I needed and I proceeded to play a peach of an 8-iron onto the green.

“The only issue was that the ground was so hard the ball bounced 15 feet high and merrily continued to through the green into a stinker of a catch bunker.

“But my confidence grew and the highlight was a bump and run from 115 yards out which pitched four yards short of the green and then rolled all the way up to and into the hole.”

Alistair is an operations manager for an information security company who returned to golf after a break of almost 30 years.

“My doctor told me I had to get more exercise and find a means of relaxation. My wife suggested
getting back into golf so I jumped at the chance - on my wife's and doctor's orders!”

The Scot says his aim to to get back to the single-figure handicap he held as a teenager.

A dozen Nike 20X1 Spin balls go to Alan Barnes (Geordie golfer), a six-handicapper who plays at Toft Golf Cub near Bourne, Lincs.

“I got very good distance and accuracy off the tee as you would expect from a distance ball but the sound of the club striking the ball took some getting used to,”  said Alan.

“With the irons I found that I needed more club than usual but found I was getting quite a bit of back spin. I shot only four over par gross but would like to try the spin version to see what difference there is.”

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