Faldo back to his old clubs

With his dispute with Adams golf, Nick Faldo has gone back to using his old Mizuno's

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Martin Park
Fri, 2 Feb 2001
Faldo back to his old clubs

Nick Faldo has resorted to using his old “major winning” Mizuno irons and woods recently as he is still in a legal wrangle with his previous sponsor Adams Golf.

The 43-year-old Englishman claims he is owed more than £500,000 from the American club manufacturers while they claim that Faldo is in breach of contract for not using their new irons.

Speaking at the Heineken Classic in Perth, Faldo said to the press:
"I've twice been offered a settlement and was ready to get it all sorted, but then I was told to deal with a Dallas-based lawyer and it's gone on.”

Commenting on his old irons, the TP19 blades from Mizuno, the clubs he used to win the 1996 Masters, Faldo joked:

"They're around five years old, which almost makes them antiques," he said. "I'm open to offers."

But despite going back to his old sticks and showing good form two weeks ago in South Africa, the former World number One missed the cut today with a 3-over par total for 36 holes. The cut in the Heineken Classic is expected to be 1-over par.