TaylorMade launch Type R

TaylorMade launch a "Hot" version of their successful 300 series drivers...

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Martin Park
Tue, 23 Jan 2001
TaylorMade launch Type R

TaylorMade golf have launched an International version of its highly successful 300 Series Drivers in Japan.

Named the “Type R”, Taylor Made have increased the Co-efficient of Restitution (Spring like effect) of the clubface which makes the driver non-conforming under USGA rules. But TaylorMade say that they only plan to sell the driver in areas that are governed by R&A Rules.

A “Springy” one on the way to Japan

There are no plans as yet to market the driver in the UK and Taylor Made have chosen Japan, their second biggest market outside the USA.

"Japan is the perfect place to launch this club for one simple reason: They love unique technology and innovative companies," said president Mark King. "Combine our groundbreaking reputation and the 300 Series' success beyond Asia, and the 'Type R' is going to be a huge hit."

"I can see why they've been so excited about this for months in the U.S. This club beats any other here," offered Kazuo Yamada, president of Hiroshima Golf Shop. "We've been waiting for the international version of the 300 Series for awhile...I've even had to start a customer waiting list. Every one of them will be in my store tomorrow asking when they can get them."

The 300 Series drivers have won 23 International Golf Tournaments so far, with three out of the top five players using it last week in the Alfred Dunhill Championship in South Africa.

Justin Rose used his 360 Ti driver for a second place finish and both Dean Robertson and Nick Faldo were seen with ones in their bags, both finishing tied for third place.