First look: Yonex Ezone XP range

We take a look at the new range from Yonex

First look: Yonex Ezone XP range

Yonex XP driver

Counterbalance putters are common place in the golf industry but counterbalance drivers, woods, hybrids and irons? That’s something new.

The new Yonex Ezone XP range, standing for extra power, aims to get maximum weight behind the ball for maximum distance.

To achieve this Yonex employ a heavy head as they believe this will create higher ball speeds than a standard head. The obvious problem here is the heavier club head is harder to swing, thus reducing clubhead speed so a counterbalance is introduced as a solution.

A tungsten powder is placed at the butt of the grip which moves the balance point of the shaft towards the butt to solve the issue.

All in all, the range equates to standard club weights and club balance but the clubheads are heavier which Yonex believe will increase distances.

Available from mid-October. Driver £249, fairway £179, hybrids £149, irons £799 (graphite), £649 (steel).

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