Fisher Golf putters move on UK market

Colour-coded insert faces from softest to firmest

Bob Warters's picture
Fri, 23 Apr 2010

For the first time, one of the American-based innovators of advanced polymer insert technology in putters - Fisher Golf - will have products available in the UK.

The company, founded in 1994 by current chief executive officer Dale Fisher, has announced a major sales initiative to deliver 'unparalleled levels of feel' for players of all levels. The brand comes with a strong pedigree, boasting 250 Tour wins for the insert technology it licenses to Callaway, Odyssey, Mitsushiba and Golfworks.

What makes FisherGolf unique in today’s highly competitive market is its patented 'multi-speed' inserts, specifically the use of KevFlex for which it claims truer roll and greater accuracy. Putters within the range offer four colour-coded rebound choices - softest (green), soft (burgundy), firm(black) and firmest (blue).  As the insert firmness increases so does the rebound or speed of the ball off the putter face, without loss of what Fisher describes as 'dwell time'.

Flagship of the range is the Tour-tested Classic Tour Series (£99.99), with four different head designs from traditional blade to mallet and all featuring the four insert rebound choices. The range is designed to be slightly heavier to provide better feel whilst calming the player’s hands and wrists for a more natural pendulum stroke. Right and left hand options are available in 33-, 34- and 35-inch lengths. Fisher Golf products are available exclusively through UK retail store American Golf.