Groundbreaking putters from PING to compliment G25 family

A dozen new styles with industry-first technology to tee off 2013

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Alex Perry
Thu, 3 Jan 2013
Groundbreaking putters from PING to compliment G25 family
Anser 2

PING has started 2013 with a bang after announcing 12 models of Scottsdale TR (True Roll) putters to coincide with its launch of the G25 family of drivers, irons, fairway woods and hybrids.

Each putter features an insert with industry-first variable-depth grooves in the insert to vastly improve ball speed consistency whether the ball is struck on the centre, heel or toe. The grooves are deepest in the centre and get shallower toward the perimeter.

Says PING chairman John Solheim: “We’ve engineered a putter insert with forgiveness. Regardless of where the ball impacts the insert, the variable-depth grooves produce nearly identical ball speeds. The distance control is the best we’ve ever seen when compared to inserts of all types.” 

And that’s not all. Traditional-length models can be ordered with a USGA/R&A-conforming shaft that adjusts from 31” to 38” to give golfers the option of varying the length of their putter prior to a round of golf.

“Our studies show that golfers are much more accurate and consistent with putters fit to the correct length,” adds Solheim. With the adjustable-length shaft in the Scottsdale TR, golfers can now properly adjust their putter themselves to the ideal length.”

The PING studies Solheim touches on show an increase in ball-speed consistency, measured at nine points on the face, of nearly 50%. The insert is made from a lightweight 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum that provides a solid feel and sound.

The finish is a non-glare black PVD, and all models feature white sight lines that aid in alignment. A mid-size full-cord PING Black PP58 grip is standard on all traditional-length models.

Features and Prices

  • Adjustable-length, USGA/R&A-conforming shaft adjusts 31” to 38” in standard models (optional); belly models 37.5” to 46.5”; long models 44.5” to 55.5”.
  • 12 Fit For Stroke models, including slight arc models (Anser 2, B60, Shea, Tomcat S, Anser 2B adjustable belly), strong arc models (ZB S, Shea H) and straight models (Piper C, Tatum, Carefree L adjustable long). All stroke types available in Grayhawk and Senita.
  • RRP: £129 (Non-adjustable shaft Anser 2, B60,Tomcat S, ZB S, Shea, Shea H, Piper C and Tatum)
  • RRP: £149 (Adjustable shaft Anser 2, B60, Tomcat S, ZB S, Shea, Shea H, Piper C and Tatum)
  • RRP £149 (Non-Adjustable Shaft Grayhawk and Senita)
  • RRP: £169 (Adjustable Shaft Grayhawk and Senita)
  • RRP £209 (Adjustable Shaft Anser B and Carefree L)

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