Hill Billy releases 2016 Winter Wheels

BIGGA endorsed wheels boast patented technology

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Thu, 4 Feb 2016
Hill Billy releases 2016 Winter Wheels

Hill Billy has launched Winter Wheels, endorsed by the British and International Golf Greenkeepers’ Association (BIGGA).

The British brand has patented the technology used in the wheels, which are designed to excel in wet conditions.

Compatible with Hill Billy models from 2014 onwards, the wheel’s design promotes minimal ground contact, protecting the golf course against damage from tyre marks.

The open tread design helps avoid the clogging of grass, mud and other debris in the wheel.

“With the wet weather we regularly experience in the UK, these new wheels really are the perfect option for golfers looking to play with their Hilly Billy trolley regularly throughout the year,” said Mei Tierney, Marketing Manager for Hill Billy.

“The innovative design has been tested and approved by BIGGA, so golfers can have full confidence in their performance and also please their greenkeepers at the same time!”

The Hill Billy trolley is a lightweight, robust, simple electric trolley designed and assembled in Kent.

Price: £40
Colour: colour

Visit the Hill Billy website for more information.