Improve impact with Tour Striker

New practice aid will 'help backspin and ball-striking'

Improve impact with Tour Striker

One of the first questions a Tour pro is asked when amateurs get close enough to seek advice is ‘How do you generate such back spin?’

The simple answer is: generate enough downforce at the correct angle at impact and the chances are, if the characteristics of the modern ball are suitable and the conditions are right, the ball will back up nicely to the hole.

A new practice aid is currently taking the US and Japan by storm to help amateurs achieve more back spin control.  The Tour Striker training club’s revolutionary design is has a  leading edge is re-shaped so that the only way to experience and feel solid contact is to place the hands and club in the proper impact position.

The distinctive design of the Tour Striker has less club face below the ‘sweet spot’ than a traditional golf club but the makers claim that by using the club it will intuitively teach golfers how to deliver the club to the ball compress it and make solid contact, just like an expert ball striker.

Says Gary McCord, TV commentator and a winner on the Champion Tour: “Finally there is a training aid that teaches golfers to get off their right side and hit down on the ball with proper forward shaft lean, just like the impact position of a Tour player.

“It allows the golfer to hit the ball further, better and more consistently and reduces ‘casting’ and ‘over the top’ golf swings. By using the Tour Striker they can teach themselves to get into a great impact position.”

The original Tour Striker (available as a 56-degree wedge or 8-iron) is targeted at mid-to-high handicap golfers with slower swing speeds, while the Tour Striker Pro (5- and 7-iron in regular or stiff, steel or graphite) is geared for those dedicated to practice with a single figure handicap and a higher swing speed.

The Tour Striker Pro X, with a reduced sweet spot, is for the highly skilled player looking to improve their ball-striking. There is also a ladies and junior option with a shorter graphite shaft, available in right or left hand.

All Tour Striker models are available in right or left-handed models priced at £79.99 (steel) or £99.99 (graphite) from (Tel: 0844 2098886).

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