John O

Seinfeld actor outlines the reasons you should try the Baffler Hybrid Irons

John O

We were going to tell you all about the impressive new Baffler Hybrid Iron range from Cobra Golf, but we thought it would be a lot more fun to let Seinfield star John O’Hurley do it instead.

O’Hurley, an avid golfer and best known for his role as J.Peterman in the multi-award-winning sitcom, takes a keen interest in Mankind’s Greatest Achievements, such as the wheel, the double bacon cheeseburgers, bikinis... And the Baffler.

The Baffler, created by Cobra’s founder Tom Crow almost four decades ago, revolutionised the game. With rails on the sole, the Baffler made it easy to get the ball into the air no matter what the lie.

And with a progressive, oversized face profile and railed sole, the Baffler Hybrid Iron set takes direct influence from its predecessor.

“Cobra is certainly bringing something new and fresh to theindustry with this campaign,” says O’Hurley.

“They’ve been known for producing innovative products for 40 years since the very first Baffler and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with them on this breakthrough product launch.”

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