Lamkin launches SINK putter grips

Grip specialists introduce lightweight rubber putter grips

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Mon, 8 Feb 2016

Lamkin launches SINK putter grips

Lamkin has launched SINK putter grips that have been designed with innovative shapes, a proprietary lightweight rubber compound and functional surface textures.

The new SINK grips, claims Lamkin, promote "greater accuracy, consistency and confidence, helping golfers shoot lower scores." 

Available in shops now, SINK models come in two distinct shapes, both of which include a curved-handle profile designed to encourage the correct wrist alignment for a more fluid putting stroke. 

The rounded grip (RND), offered in a blue-green colour scheme, features a wider, straighter profile ideal for minimizing excessive hand action and creating a smoother, pendulum-like putting stroke.

The squared grip (SQD), with orange and yellow accents, is ideal for feel-based putters and features a thinner shape with more pronounced corners. The result is a unique putter grip that offers exceptional feedback and putting control.

Both grips feature 11 and 13 inch options, providing further choice depending on putting preferences. 

A key feature of the SINK line is the integration of a first-of-its-kind, lightweight rubber developed by Lamkin chemists specifically for the putter grips.

The material is 29 to 35% lighter than traditional rubber and enables golfers to enjoy the performance benefits of grips with larger shapes and lengths without sacrificing the consistent, durable and all-weather performance of traditional rubber.  

SINK putter grips also include multiple surface textures, including a micro-webbed diamond pattern and traditional deep-etched lines for an optimal level of slip-free grip traction.

The carefully placed smooth ovals on the front of the grips provide golfers with an effective hand position reference to promote improved putting consistency and confidence. 

Lamkin products are favoured by the likes of Justin Rose and Miguel Angel Jimenez.

RRP: £14.99 (11"), £15.99 (13")