Lamkin welcomes new wedge grips

Get a grip of your short game with the new Peformance Plus 3GEN wedge grip

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Thu, 14 Jun 2012
Lamkin welcomes new wedge grips

Lamkin has taken a firm grip on the short game this season by introducing its innovative Performance Plus 3GEN wedge grip.

The new grip, says Lamkin, is engineered to facilitate the proper hand position and grip tension needed to achieve more consistent and controlled wedge shots as well as improved scoring opportunities.

An inch longer than standard grips, Lamkin adds its unique design incorporates a reduced a taper at the bottom of the grip to promote slower hand action through the swing and greater levels of control.

Lamkin also claims its Performance Plus 3GEN wedge grip, available in black and white, features two hand-positioning buttons - one and half inches apart -  enabling the golfer to place their hands in a repeatable position whether it’s a full or choked down shot.

For more information visit and click here for Lamkin’s exclusive video series with Gary McCord.

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