Lynx cracks down on counterfeit equipment

Fake products have surfaced on Ebay but the cat has pounced

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Tue, 5 Aug 2014
Lynx cracks down on counterfeit equipment

LYNX GOLF has taken action to stop the sale of counterfeit products by a UK-based golf distributor.

Fake Lynx products were discovered for sale on ebay and after Lynx's legal team tracked down the distributor an out of court settlement was agreed. 

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Said Lynx CFO, Stephanie Zinser: "Fake golf products are a scourge of our industry and it's an issue which we take very seriously.

"As we grow as a brand we do expect this to become more of an issue, sadly, as there are plenty of unscrupulous people in and around the industry who are looking to make a fast buck out of other people's success.

"But we won't tolerate it and rest assured that anyone who tries to distribute and sell counterfeit Lynx product will be dealt with.

"It's not just our own brand that is damaged by fakers - the whole golf industry itself suffers if any sub-standard counterfeit products go unchecked . We all have a responsibility to take action. "

Lynx agreed an offer of damages after the distributor acted quickly to shut down its supply chain and gave assurances not to repeat the fraud.

Lynx is the Official Golf Club of the Ricoh Women's British Open to 2016 and continues to establish itself as the most forward-thinking and exciting equipment brand in Europe.

It is dedicated to supporting 'green grass' Pro shop business, with more than 430 accounts in the UK.

For more information visit, or follow @LynxGolfUK on twitter. 

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