Maui Jim producing top-of-the-range golf sunglasses

Maui Jim sunglasses significantly enhance colour, definition and depth perception.

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Tue, 23 Sep 2014

Maui Jim producing top-of-the-range golf sunglasses

RAY-BAN and Oakley are household names but not all of you will be familiar with Maui Jim - but you should be. Why? Because the brand is producing top-quality sunglasses and we don’t want you to miss out (we’re nice like that).

Maui Jim produce some of the world’s most sophisticated polarized lenses that are available in a wide range of stylish and durable frames perfect for both golf spectator and player. The range has over 112 different styles meaning you’ll be sure to find something that suits both your preference and taste.

The Hawaiian-born brand is the world’s only company to protect your eyes with up to nine layers of glare-cutting, UV-eliminating and colour-enhancing technology that offers unrivalled protection using its patented PolarizedPlus2 lenses.

Furthermore, only Maui Jim eyewear blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays and 99.9% of glare from above, below and behind each lens, enhancing your view of the game, regardless of weather conditions.

Using three rare earth elements, and other compounds, Maui Jim lenses significantly enhance colour, definition and depth perception, making them the perfect sporting accessory come rain or shine. Not only that, but their patented bi-gradient mirrors on select lenses in effect “squint” for the wearer and can also help to reduce eye fatigue during an intense game.

Matt Kuchar, who wears the Banyans style, said: “Banyans is perfect for golf.  I like the Maui HT lenses because the light palm green colour is good for sunny or dark days and it increases my view of the variations in the greens and fairways. Overall it enhances everything I see on the course. I love how super light they are. I forget that I’m wearing them!”

Ernie Els, wjo wears Maui Jim’s World Cup sunglasses with the Maui HT lens, said: "I was a customer who bought many pairs of their great sunglasses over the last several years. That's sometimes how the best relationships start; and it certainly is the case here. This is a world-class product; and I'm happy to be part of the Maui Jim family."

For more information, visit or tweet @OfficialMauiJim.