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Master-designer reveals new range of drivers, woods and irons...

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Tue, 27 Jan 2004
More from Tad at Dunlop

Tad Moore TM 420 Ti driver

Tad Moore, perhaps best known during the early 1990s for his distinctive putters made for top players, has extended his range with a signature line of equipment for Dunlop.

They include classy-looking metalwoods and irons, as well as beautifully-crafted putters, aimed specifically at new golfers and high and medium handicappers.

His TM Ti420cc driver, should attract ‘serious, young game improvers’ with its large, forgiving titanium clubhead and choice of eight or ten degree loft with firmer-flexed ProForce graphite shaft (£149). A 360cc version is also availabler at the same price.

Juniors may also be tempted by his £49 TM40 mallet putter with black finish and distinctive alignment lines.

Among Dunlop’s latest TP420 range are the 420cc driver, 3- and 5-wood available for a total of £179 and the TP420 oversize, cavity-back irons (3-SW) costing £299 (steel shafts) or £349 (graphite).

The Dunlop 65 range promises a high ball flight and will be priced at £159 for a hot-face driver and 3- and 5-wood. Irons are priced at £199 (steel) or £279 (graphite).

For those taking up the game or re-starting, Dunlop says itsX-Ti range of clubs would be suitable – ‘powerful clubs that generate extra distance for the mid to high-handicapper.’

Pay just £49 for a driver or £129 for a 3-, 5- and 7-wood matched set. Offset cavity-back irons, with Flow-Weighting system for higher flight, costs from £159.

Other equipment in the Dunlop range includes Pro-D(£29.99) and Spinsert (£24.99) wedges, Pro-D driving iron (£45) and Flag Attack chipper (£25).