New driver will draw your attention

Latest TaylorMade driver has anti-slice built in a claims to hit the ball longer and straighter.

New driver will draw your attention
TaylorMade’s r7 Draw driver

For those of us whose stock shot is an ugly slice pay attention. For those who hit a draw naturally – look away now.

Hot on the heels of its r7 Quad, r5 Dual, r7 460 and r7 460 TP, TaylorMade is introducing its latest weapon in the challenge to produce, a big-headed anti-slice club that hits the ball further than the nearest competition.

Enter the r7 Draw – with its 460 head, slightly toed in face and weight technology which aims to provide the answer to every slicer’s dream - a high, soft draw with plenty of forward roll.

Instead of the ground-breaking moveable weight technology (MWT) which TaylorMade pioneered – a selection differently weighted cartridges, which can be interchanged to produce several ball flight options - the r7 Draw’s system is built in to help players of all types either ‘hit the ball longer by hitting a draw, or hit the ball longer by straightening a slice.’

Says TaylorMade’s Sean Toulon: "We analysed thousands of swings to help determine how to build clubs that will help golfers to hit longer, straighter shots and discovered that half the players we studied needed help hitting a draw.

"If you can’t hit a draw, you’re losing out on potential distance, because a draw goes further, lands hotter and rolls. The r7 Draw driver will help everyone hit a draw without making a single swing change."

In the r7 Draw, says TaylorMade, weight is positioned in the back of the clubhead and toward the heel by creating a deep ‘speed scoop’ in the sole, near the toe. This ‘pushes weight in the direction of the heel and moves the centre of gravity even closer to the shaft.’

Additionally, say the makers, this encourages a high ball flight, better carry and more distance. This is also complimented by the new, lightweight Mitsubishi 55-gram RE*AX shaft with a soft-tip to create faster clubhead speed and a higher launch angle.

Adds Toulon: "The r7 Draw driver is big, powerful, forgiving, easy to hit and, best of all, will help any golfer ‘turn the ball over’ and reap the distance benefits of a draw while helping chronic slicers say goodbye to the right side of the golf course."

But there’s a price to pay for this dream-maker – a recommended £219. Lofts include 9.5, 10.5 and HT (high trajectory). Look out for these clubs in a store near you by the end of August.

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