New 'longer' driver from Ping

Improved technology claims for TiSI Tec club this winter.

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Fri, 24 Aug 2001
New 'longer' driver from Ping
The new TiSI Tec from Ping.

Club-makers Ping claim to have made a major technological breakthrough in drivers that should help all golfers hit the ball further.

The Ping TiSI Tec is cast from Ti6-4 titanium and the results by prototype models, says Ping chief John Solheim, have been impressive.

"The TiSI Tec is definitely the longest driver that we’ve ever built. It’s longer by design.

"We’ve optimised the spin and lift characteristics. It imparts the correct amount of spin to the golf ball and players are experiencing a boring ball flight with more forward momentum when the ball hits the ground."

Weighting is lower and more forward, nearer the face, on the heel and toe which, Ping claims, helps reduce spin to optimise distance and makes draw flight easier to control.

Another feature of the new TiSI Tec driver is the ease with which golfers can establish and control their ball flight pattern. Golfers will find the club easier to make the ball draw.

Other features include ‘effective trajectory’ (ET) through a new sole plate with 5.5, 7, 8.5, 10 and 11.5 degrees of loft and a custom-fitted hosel position to suit all kinds of swings and address positions. Five kinds of lightweight graphite-shaft flexes are available from 44 to 46 inches in length.

Among the Tour players already using the club is Miguel Angel Jimenez. He says: "Playing with the TiSI Tec is like having a golf ball in my hand. I can move it in any direction…left, right, high, low - any combination. I could not do these things with other drivers. Now, I can play all the shots."

Even the long-hitting Argentinian Angel Cabrera blasts it further. He used the driver to belt a measured tee shot 345 yards in the first round of the US Open.

The club is expected to be available in pro shops in the UK this winter at around £450.