New models from Srixon

Driver, fairway, metals and balls from hot Japanese club-makers. Find out more...

New models from Srixon
New models from Srixon
Srixon’s W302 driver

Following the success of its XX10 driver, the top-selling driver in Japan and voted best in its class by a leading magazine, Srixon is launching the W-302 driver – a conforming power-packed club for those with fast swings.

The 380cc club boasts a thin, forged titanium
clubface and a rib construction designed to provide more feel and sound feedback, as well as forgiveness.

The centre of gravity of the W-302 is placed low in the clubhead for a high launch angle and low spin. Price is £199, available with SV-301 graphite shaft and four lofts, from 7.5 to 10.5 degrees.

New models from Srixon
Srixon I-302 irons

The W-302 fairway metals have been made with the target of putting all par-5s within reach! The shape and features are the same as the driver but with a Tungsten-nickel weight to lower the centre of gravity even more. The unique sole design allows the club to slide easily through most lies, on or off the fairway. Price is £169 available in five models, from strong 3-wood to 7-wood.

Completing the Srixon club revelations are the I-302 irons, forged blades with cavity back and an enlarged sweetspot.

The I-302 heads are made of soft 1025 carbon steel with a thin top line the preference of the accomplished player. The "double round" radiused sole, says Srixon, allows the club to glide easily through all turf conditions. Available in regular and stiff flexes of Rifle Steel shaft the cost is £599 for 3-PW.

New models from Srixon
AD333 Srixon balls

Completing the Srixon range of new products is the two-piece AD 333 ball, with its Rabalon elastomer cover and unique dimple pattern.

The aim is for more playability and soft feel around the green, as well as more lift at lower swing speeds, greater carry and roll from a shallower angle of descent. Price is £22 per dozen.

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