A putter? It's a UFO!

Latest futuristic flat stick from Top-Flite hits the market. Find out more.

Bob Warters
Mon, 8 Mar 2004
A putter? It's a UFO!

Top-Flite UFO

Top-Flite has introduced a new range of putters, including one name the UFO, which makes the Scotty Cameron Futura look like a relic of the Bronze Age.

This putter looks more like a large padlock and is centre-shafted, say the makers, to help improve a player’s posture and make alignment easier. Top-Fliter claims its unique design, with a brass loop at the back, allows for better weight distribution and better stability to assist in accelerating the putter head through the point of impact.

A soft polymer face offers ‘improved feel.’

Available in a right hand model only, the UFO putter has a suprisingly realistic suggested retail price of £50.

A putter? It's a UFO!
Top Flite OS-01 mallet.

Top-Flite has also produced OS-01 mallet and PS01 heel-toe weighted models. The OS-01 putter offers more weight behind the ball and features a stainless steel head satin chrome finish and a soft polymer face. The PS-01 is an off-set designed. Both will cost £30.

For golfers seeking a cheaper alternative, Top-Flite has produced the MS cast putter for £19.99.

For further information visit or for your nearest stockist call 01954 786600.