New Vokey wedges will conform to groove rules

Spin-Milled C-C wedge will cost

New Vokey wedges will conform to groove rules
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Latest Titleist Vokey Spin-Milled C-C wedge made to meet new groove regulations


While the latest USGA/R&A regulations affecting grooves, which come into force for Tour players on January 1, have caused some consternation and anxiety among the world's best golfers, Titleist along with other manufacturers, has responded by creating a range of wedges which conform to the new rules.

Master craftsman Bob Vokey is introducing the Vokey Design Spin Milled C-C (Condition of Competition) wedges, aiming to provide optimum performance and shot control within new guidelines, which are not applicable to regular amateur club golfers until 2024.

Titleist will produce and sell the new Vokey Design Spin Milled C-C wedges (£97) while continuing to offer its comprehensive line of 2008 bigger-grooved Vokey Design Spin Milled wedges until December 2010.

While the differences in launch, spin and run-out depend on a player's technique, the type of shot demanded and the lie, Titleist says the new Vokey C-C wedges will, in general, produce higher launch, less spin and more run-out than previous Spin Milled grooves.

The range features 17 models (nine will also be available in left-hand versions), nine lofts (from 48 to 64 degrees) with various bounce and grind options and in a non-glare Tour Chrome finish.

“The new groove standards will put more pressure on better players’ short games,” says Vokey "and it will be crucial for them to determine the most effective combinations of loft, bounce and sole grinds in their wedge set-ups. There is a lot less room for error when players don’t have as much spin as they are accustomed to, so they must be much more precise in their execution.

"Having worked with Tour players, club pros and better amateurs in developing these new C-C wedges, I believe we have covered the spectrum in providing the most effective combinations for players who are required to use the new grooves or who choose to play them,” he says.


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