Nike Golf introduces new RZN advert

Nike Golf's newest ad pokes fun at golfers too stubborn to make the switch to innovative golf ball technology

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Thu, 27 Mar 2014

is introducing a 60-second ad showcasing Nike’s new line of RZN golf balls featuring its proprietary Speedlock Core technology.

The spot is the second in Nike’s new “Play in the Now” campaign, a series of TV spots that takes a humorous but pointed jab at golfers who are afraid to try new technology and, as such, reject advancements in innovation.

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The newest ad, which will air in the UK on March 30 during half-time of the Liverpool v Tottenham Premier League match, showcases a crew of comical characters who pledge their allegiance to an array of antiquated golf ball models like featheries, gutties, wound and solid rubber cores, and express their concerns that Nike’s new RZN core will “ruin the game.”

Nike Golf’s new RZN Platinum, RZN Black, RZN Red and RZN White golf balls are designed to deliver more distance, better feel and a more consistent, stable ball flight than ever before.

Nike Speedlock RZN Core Technology

With a clear inference that Nike Golf’s innovations represent today’s leading edge of golf equipment, “Play in the Now” takes a snapshot journey through the different eras of golf technology. It makes a stark distinction between the change-fearing golfers of yesteryear and what it takes to move the sport forward.

Accompanying the main 60-second spot are 15-second vignettes featuring characters from different decades who can’t seem to wrap their heads around industry-transforming RZN technology.

More spots highlighting Nike Golf’s latest technologies will be aired in the coming months to complement the campaign.