Ping revives Scottsdale putters

14 models in latest series

Bob Warters's picture
Mon, 2 Aug 2010

Ping is introducing a new series of Scottsdale putters, reviving the name that spawned the original Scottsdale Anser putter. Find one now in mint condition and it could be worth as much as £5,000 to a collector.

Around 4,000 of the first Anser putters were made in Scottsdale for about fifteen months starting in 1966, with stepped True Temper shafts. Putters with Golf Pride square grips and image of a man putting are very rare.

In comparison the latest Scottsdale putters are valued between £109 to £139 each but contain superb modern technology including an insert made of thermoplastic elastomer, developed through extensive player testing to deliver a soft, yet solid feel and a crisp sound.

Combined, says Ping with perimeter weighting the putters with dark charcoal finish, produce a truer roll.

Ping continues to dig deep for its putter names in this latest 14-club series, including Craz-E Too , Half Pipe, Hohum , Pickemup, Tomcat, Wolverine, Y Worry and ZB as well as the traditional Anser 2, and B60.