Ping's G10 series revealed

Drivers, fairway metals, hybrid clubs and sets of irons launched

Bob Warters
Thu, 9 Aug 2007

Galvanised by the recent major victories by their staff players Angel Cabrera (US Open) and Lorena Ochoa (Ricoh Women's British Open), Ping is launching a new range of G10 drivers, fairway metals and hybrids together with G10 and 10i irons.

Expect the new clubs to be available to try at a retailer near you from September 1.

Says John Solheim, Ping's chairman and chief executive: “Technology is moving fast and we’re finding ways to improve our products like never before. The design and research tools available to our engineers are amazing. It’s a lot of fun to be a golf club engineer right now.

"The G10 family and our other new products are evidence of our desire to continually push technology with the goal of helping golfers lower their scores and enjoy the game more, through innovation and custom fitting.” /td>

Ping G10 fairway metal

G10 Driver and G10 Draw driver

The 460cc G10 driver features a larger profile head with a taller face and deeper crown to produce a higher MOI for greater forgiveness and increased ball velocity, alongside reduced spin and higher launch.

PING’s patented variable face thickness technology produces a thin, highly responsive hitting surface for increased ball velocity and greater consistency across the face.

Cabrera first used the G10 driver at the Barclay’s Scottish Open where he led the field in driving distance. A G10 Draw version is available to promote a right-to-left ball flight.

The drivers will be available with TFC 129D shaft flexes (Soft R, R, S and X) as well as Grafalloy ProLaunch Red and UST V2 High Launch 65 options. Loft options include 7.5, 9, 10.5, 12 and 13.5 degrees with a recommended price of £239. /td>

Ping G10 hybrid

G10 and G10 draw fairway woods

The G10 fairway woods have low profile heads, shallow faces and low centres of gravity to get the ball airborne from all kinds of lies with reduced spin. A G10 draw version is available to promote a right-to-left ball flight with the internal weight pad positioned further back and closer to the heel to help clubhead rotation.

Priced at £165 each, the fairway woods are available in 3-, 4-, 5-, 7- and 9-wood options - excluding the 9-wood for the G10 draw. Similar shaft options to the driver are available.

G10 hybrids

These clubs have a sloped crown to create a high-launching, solid feeling, versatile alternative to mid and long irons, with six lofts options as replacement for 1-iron to 6-iron and fairway woods.

Ping says the sole design is tapered and the bounce height increased in the higher lofted hybrids to provide performance from all conditions. Lofts are 15, 18, 21, 24, 28 and 32 degrees. Price is £114 (steel shaft), £129 (graphite).

Ping TFC 129 graphite shaft

This is a new Ping graphite design and one of three standard shaft options in the G10 metal wood series to match a player's profile and ball flight characteristics. The X-flex, for example, features a stiffer tip and heavier butt weight to reduce spin and produce a boring trajectory for those with faster swing speeds. The R-flex is designed with a softer tip to promote a higher trajectory. /td>

Ping G10 iron

G10 irons

Engineered with low toe weighting for added forgiveness and consistency, the large, perimeter-weighted head of the G10 irons, features a new cavity shape and wider sole.

Higher launching and lower spin are the key characteristics, while the wide sole makes the ball easier to clip off the turf. The G10 irons feature a stainless steel finish and Atomic Orange color scheme and will be available from 2- to 9-iron, together with PW, UW, SW and LW from £75 per club. Shaft options are Ping AWT steel (Soft R, R, S & X flexes) and £90 per iron with TFC 129i graphite (Soft R, R & S flexes).

"It’s a game improvement iron that will appeal to a variety of golfers, ” says Solheim.

i10 irons

The i10 irons are designed to appeal to golfers who prefer the look of a smaller, blade-style club but still rely on the forgiveness of a cavity back. It has a compact head with a blade-like offset and a thin top line and a narrow, cambered sole. /td>

Ping i10 iron

The club's centre of gravity is closer to the face than the G10 iron to create a lower, more penetrating ball flight. Available as 2-iron to LW at £75 (steel) or £90 (graphite) per club with similar shaft options to the G10.

The new shafts, says Ping, help increase clubhead speed in the long irons and add control and consistency to the short irons.

“Golfers are looking for various attributes in their irons,” says Solheim. “Forgiveness, feel, control and appearance are factors that golfers consider when matching an iron to their games. The G10 provides golfers maximum forgiveness in a larger, higher launching head design. The i10 has a players’ iron look at address and still provides a high level of forgiveness for its compact size."



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