Pinnacle launches bright Bling balls

New Pinnacle Bling delivers long distance and soft feel on all shots in vibrant colours

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Fri, 12 Oct 2012
Pinnacle launches bright Bling balls

Golfers who depend on the powerful distance and sharp short-game control of golf balls now have the chance to stand out from the crowd by teeing up a brighter, bolder style of the new Pinnacle Bling.

Each dozen of Pinnacle Bling balls feature four different High Optix colours of orange, yellow, pink and violet, while maintaining the same performance benefits that define the Pinnacle golf ball family.

Pinnacle says its Bling golf balls utilise a high-energy core and soft cover to deliver long distance with a consistent ball flight for better carry, as well as soft feel on finesse shots around the green.

The High Optix colours used for the new Bling line-up have been specially designed by the Pinnacle research team to provide ultra-high visibility against the varying shades of green that golfers experience during every round.

The Pinnacle Bling dozen packs include 3-ball sleeves of High Optix orange (No.1), yellow (2), pink (3) and violet (4) golf balls.

“Pinnacle Bling golf balls offer a unique and exciting preference option without sacrificing the extra distance and great feel that Pinnacle golf ball players rely on,” says Acushnet Company's director of golf ball product management Michael Mahoney.

“Bling provides the same excellent performance, quality and value of our Pinnacle Gold models, but in four bright colour choices.”

Pinnacle Bling is now available in dozen packs at RRP £14.

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