Self-correcting golf ball revealed!

'Dimple pattern keeps Polara ball straight and true'

Self-correcting golf ball revealed!

An American company claims that it has discovered the cure for slices and hooks, pulls and pushes. No longer, it says, need golfers fear the drive that might land in the rough, the trees, the sand or the water.

And it's all down to the design of its Polara self-correctring golf ball.

The makers claim the ball, with its unique dimple design, will reduce the power slice or the destructive hook by 75 per-cent, increase accuracy off the tee, lower your scores and make the game more fun.

The new Polara golf balls are available in two different models - the Ultimate Straight - a 2-piece construction with 386 dimples and the Polara Super Straight a 3-piece with 386 dimples. 

When the ball is lined up correctly, each dimple has a specific purpose in reducing the spin that causes the ball to deviate off line. 

A third 2-piece ball, The Polara Ultimate Distance, which has also just made its US debut also claims to dramatically improved distance by 20 yards as well as find the fairway, thanks to its tungsten-enhanced high velocity core and  aerodynamics.

"We're delighted to introduce golfers to the first of many products that have No Limits other than the laws of physics," says David Felker Head of Technology for Polara Golf.  

"Currently, there is nothing a golfer can purchase that even comes close to correcting hooks and slices like these new Polara golf balls. Their Self-Correcting Technology will change the game of golf by making it more enjoyable and even speeding up play."

So what's the catch? Surely if they were that good every player on Tour would be playing the balls and want their name associated with them?

Sadly, they're not legal for competition. Polara admit the balls are not conforming to R&A and USGA Rules but are purely for recreational play where scores are not recorded for prizemoney or handicaps. 

Still they sound like a lot of fun and could prove a real confidence booster to the persistent slicer and hooker.

I'm told a sleeve of each (about $19 for three balls) are on their way so I'll let you know the results.

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