Stamp your identity on Mizuno wedges

Personalised service introduced to show clubs are yours - just like Luke

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Mon, 7 Jan 2013

Mizuno has revealed that golfers in Europe can now personalise their new wedges with a unique stamping service.

World No.2 Luke Donald has had his MP wedges marked “LUUUKE”, the chant which rings out among the galleries when the Englishman is around, while fellow staffer Chris Wood has opted for his nickname, “Woody”.

Mizuno says the custom stamping – up to six characters and a choice of 12 colours –complements its existing personal service for wedges, which includes 50 different shaft options and adjustments for shaft length, lie angle and grip. It also acts as a security and failsafe marking should you mislay or lose the wedge – and how many of us have left a wedge by the green?

Tour Operations Manager Andy Kikidas tells us: “Since we started to post pictures of our Tour players gear we’ve had a lot of demand for personalised stampings. We’ve had all sorts of requests from simple initials to names of a player’s girlfriends and children. 

“The colours of your favourite football team might be the current favourite but it will be interesting to see what amateurs ask for.”

This certainly seems to be the case with Tottenham Hotspur fan Donald and Manchester United supporter Wood, who have opted for navy blue and red respectively.

In its ‘stamping guide’ Mizuno says the cost for stamping is £15 per wedge regardless of the number of characters and the makers reserve the right to refuse any requests deemed to be offensive.

The service is available only for new orders of Mizuno’s MP-R12 and MP-T4 wedges. Visit for more information.

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