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Mon, 20 Apr 2015
State Apparel clothing review

Wondering what clothing is doing in our equipment section? Welcome to State Apparel.

Founded in 2013, the San Francisco apparel brand strategically integrates club, ball and hand cleaning elements into its water and wind resistant garments.  

With State Apparel, the player never needs to step away from a shot to clean their club or wipe their hands as "wiping elements" are attached to the clothing. 

Testing out both the polo shirt and trousers this month, we must admit we had our doubts standing on the first tee, given we essentially had towels on the side panels of our shirt, and on the cuffs and in the pockets of our trousers.

Yet walking off the 18th green, we were rather impressed.

The most useful "wiping element" proved to be the cuffs of the trousers, particularly when hitting wedges off the fresh morning dew and out of the greenside bunkers.

We could dump our bag in the direction of the next tee and not need to walk back to it to reach for the towel. This also helped speed up play.

The ball pockets also proved useful cleaners as we approached each tee box with clean dimples placed on the tee. 

While extremely comfortable and stylish, one slight niggle is they proved a little noisy when walking. 

While rarely needing to wipe our hands on the side panels of the shirt, we did for the sake of this review after plucking our ball out of the reeds at the eighth. It did a job as the right palm was clean, unlike the scorecard.

The side panels were also useful when the hands got clammy on the back nine, ensuring we had a stable grip all the way to the 19th. 

Our favourite aspect of the shirt - available in charcoal and white - was its well-structured fit and smart curl-free collar.

Another nice touch to State Apparel clothing is you can customise logos for team orders, so the brand is the perfect option for any big golf events you may be planning.  

Although State Apparel is not yet available in the UK, the company does ship its products to Europe. The shirt is available for $105 (£70), while the trousers cost $205 (£137).

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