Stewart Golf drive down price of F1

Flagship model down to

Mon, 20 Feb 2012
Stewart Golf drive down price of F1

Stewart Golf’s flagship F1 Lithium remote control trolley is now available for £1,499.

Originally launched in 2008 at £2,500, the British-made trolley has exceeded all sales expectations, meaning the original investment has been paid off ahead of schedule so the retail price can be reduced to appeal to a broader market.  

A key feature of the F1 Lithium is its three-part folding chassis. When folded this occupies one third of the floor space and 40% less overall volume than the company’s best-selling X7 Lithium model. This allows it to fold small enough to fit in many small sports cars, including the famously impractical Porsche 911 which is featured in the video on the Stewart Golf website.

The F1 Lithium is unlike any other product on the market because the golf bag is an integral part of the structure of the machine, housing the handle of the trolley. The golf bag has been engineered to be totally rigid so it can support its own weight as well as the rigors of the golf course. There are now three designs of golf bag for the F1 of varying styles and sizes.

Stewart Golf’s managing director Mark Stewart says: “Whilst it is still the most expensive trolley available in the UK, the typical F1 Lithium customer considers value rather than price.

“As the smallest folding remote trolley on the market, the F1 Lithium fulfils a need that no other trolley can and we are really pleased to be able to bring the RRP down.”

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